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People Like You Can Help Make Tails Wag!

A team of Kentucky Greyhound Placement (KyGreyhounds) volunteers is starting the month of February with a trip to a West Virginia Greyhound track. There, we will hand pick 4 greyhounds to become someone's new best friend! Back in Kentucky, these 4 hounds will join a greyhound already in our care to give us 5 fabulous hounds seeking forever homes!

It takes both people and resources to help write a happy ending for our "Fab Five"! We know you can help make this happen, because donors like you have made some tails wag already! Starting when KyGreyhounds welcomed our first foster greyhound…

Now known as Tobit the greyhound, WV's Smithers (Smithers) came to KyGreyhounds in December of 2016. A lot of dedicated and caring people had to get involved along the way to give him his "Old Kentucky Home". You see, his story was almost tragically cut short in Florida before he ever came to Kentucky. He shattered a hind leg in what turned out to be his career's last race! But thanks to the quick response of track personnel, a caring owner and a great rescue group, Smithers went from the track to a vet clinic for life-saving surgery to rebuild his shattered leg. The surgery team, with confidence and skill, began the arduous task before them. The team installed a metal plate that ran the entire length of his leg…from hock to ankle. The surgery team added at least 6 pins to hold the plate in place. Smithers stayed in a foster home for 6 weeks of rehab, while the leg was healing and while completing his treatments at the vet. With virtually a new leg, Smithers then made his way north to a Kentucky Greyhound Placement foster home. Happily, this turned into a permanent home with his new best buddy - Betty the Boston Terrier and Betty's new best buddy, now renamed Tobit.

Without the generosity of many people, Tobit's leg might not have gotten the needed reconstruction. Without donors like you, he might not have been able to make his way northward to KyGreyhounds and his forever home. Without donors like you, he might not be playing with his best friend Betty (see video below) or chasing tennis balls like a fool, cooling off in mud puddles, and charming everyone he meets at the dog park. Happy endings like his depend on a well-supported Greyhound Rescue and Placement network, supported by caring individuals like you.

Of course most dogs don't have extensive needs like Tobit. But all do need some level of medical attention so that at time of adoption each hound will have had a physical exam, spay/neuter, dental cleaning, heartworm testing and preventative, current vaccinations, deworming and other tests and treatment as necessary. These costs typically range from $400 - $650. Potential unknown issues could drive those estimates even higher.

Racing greyhounds depend on organizations, like KyGreyhounds, to make a difference in their life after the track, as a true retiree. To make that difference a reality, Kentucky Greyhound Placement depends on donors like you to help those retirees become a loved canine member of the family.

Help us make more tails wag by supporting KyGreyhounds in our mission of finding greyhounds loving forever homes while keeping our adoption fees to a manageable level for adopters. There are many greyhounds needing homes after racing, the Fab Five are just the next group of greyhounds to join the KyGreyhounds program.

On the race track, people bet on these dogs to win, place or show. We need you to bet that this race, a race to a loving forever home, is the biggest win of their life! Your donations will help make this possible.

Keep an eye on our website at, and our Facebook page for an announcement on an opportunity to meet the "Fab Five" and the wonderful people teaching them what homes are all about by fostering!

Thank you in advance. It's for the hounds!

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