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Making Happy Tails and Happy Tales!

Kentucky Greyhound Placement (KyGreyhounds) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to find appropriate, loving forever homes for retired racing and otherwise displaced greyhounds. Racing Greyhounds leave the track for many reasons. Among those reasons is they no longer or never had a desire to run, injury or age. Life changes may also cause the need for re-homing a previously adopted retired racing greyhound.

Once a greyhound comes into our program, the responsibility of KyGreyhounds is to ensure that each hound is well cared for and that at the time of adoption each hound will have had a physical exam, spay/neuter, dental cleaning, heart-worm testing and preventative, current vaccinations, de-worming and other tests and treatment as necessary. These costs typically range from $400 - $650. Potential unknown issues could drive those estimates even higher. Your donations offset these cost and help to keep the adoption fees at a reasonable amount so that more greyhounds may find loving forever homes.

Donate now to make a difference in the lives of retired racing greyhounds.

Maybe you have more time than funds at the moment. Foster parenting is a tremendous and rewarding responsibility. Without foster parents there is not a placement organization as most, like KyGreyhounds, depend on fosters to help the retired racing greyhounds with the transition from track life to home life. Fortunately most greyhounds transition easily. Foster parents introduce the hounds to a home environment (most likely for the first time), they teach basic commands, take the hounds into public places and most importantly shower the greyhound with love. If you have an interest in fostering, please go to FORMS & APPLICATIONS at under the GREYT INFO tab. You will find the "Volunteer Caregiver Guidelines" and the "Adoption and Caregiver Application". Please contact us at for more information or if you have questions.

Wanting to adopt?...the above is also the place to go for the adoption application.

Remember that if you have or have had a greyhound the wonderfulness of that hound. Remember also that there were caring individuals to foster your hound and others who donated what they could to make a difference in the life of your hound...and by doing so made a difference in your life too. Your hound got a happy tail and you got many happy tales to tell.

You can make a difference. Any amount of time or money is appreciated. It's for the hounds!

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