Judy needed additional medical and is ready for her forever home

Medical cost for Judy approaching $2,000

$175 raised

$1,989 goal

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We are raising funds to replenish medical expense for Judy

LEE JUDY (Judy) was part of the Fab 5 that came to us on Feb 2. She is believed to be healthy now, after KyGreyhounds provided medical care. After her racing career she was used as a brood mom. Somewhere along the course of her life she suffered a neck injury. Her foster parents had noticed how she favored her shoulder. A trip to the vet confirmed a preexisting neck injury. We are not sure how long she had the injury…did it happen during her racing career which ended when she was just shy of 4 years old or did it occur during her time as a brood mom? Even possibly during the short time she was in foster care prior to coming to KyG? Several vet visits and multiple therapy sessions later, she is doing very well. In the early months she gradually starting stretching her legs starting with slow brief fast-walking, then slow trots and recently an actual run…which seemed to surprise even her.

Another medical issues which has been resolved were the extraction of several teeth. In addition, those pesky hook worms had a hold of this poor baby. Several treatments later and cross-your-fingers and knock on wood… they seem to finally be gone.

KyG cares for each hound as if their own personal hounds. We feel we have given greyt care for Judy. Unfortunately these expenses need to be replenished so that we can help more hounds.

KyG has two requests regarding Judy:

  • Please consider giving generously to replenish the funds that were used for Judy.
  • Judy needs her forever home. This is the most important thing that can be done for Judy.

With less pain in her life, Judy is finally beginning to blossom…and it would be greyt if she developed more of her personality in her forever home.

Judy is greyt with other hounds and with the recent passing of her 2 foster pups is doing well as an only dog. She keeps herself entertained and will play by herself or play a type of fetch game with you (see the video). She shares a room with her foster humans and may choose to go sleep alone in another room. Her foster dad has been teaching her to roach and to lean in for petting. Judy's thunder phobia is decreasing, but Rescue Remedy is a good thing to have on hand. She has never had an accident in the house, and will whine to go out, but it is good to ask her from time to time. She was afraid to eat from a bowl, but now does so willingly. She loves to play with toys and at 9 y/o has a very young heart. She is a big fan of peanut butter. What else will you be able to discover…??

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